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fun weekend

Usually, when we go on a vacation we camp. There are many reasons for this, we enjoy camping, we like being outside, hotels always want us to get two rooms… you know the usual reasons people love camping. For our anniversary we were blessed by some friends who have a condo near Port Aransas and they gave us a weekend at their condo. So what did we do… we took our children. I know it seems kind of lame, but we pretty much always spend our anniversary with our children, we see our anniversary more as a beginning for our family than we do as a beginning for us. We’ll have many years where it is just us, and we have very limited years with our children. (Don’t think that we don’t ever go out or on trips by ourselves, we do, it’s just not usually for our anniversary.)

Esther looking over the balcony at the pool.

View from our balcony.

We swam morning, afternoon and night, night time was definitely our favorite time to swim. The pool stayed open until midnight, but we only stayed until about 10:30.

The slide.

We ate dinner at Snoopy’s, Carl worked there when we got married and for the first few years of our marriage.

We had an amazing time of just relaxing and swimming in the pool. Although we were just a boardwalk away from the beach, we didn’t go to the beach at all.

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