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Finger Twister…with game instructions


If you’ve been a reader of SchneiderPeeps for very long you probably know that we like to make things and we also like to play games. Josiah combined both of those likes into one gift for Christmas last year. He made each family a game of Finger Twister.

Never heard of Finger Twister?

I hadn’t either until I came home one day and he was doing this on our table.

Make a Finger Twister game

To make your own game you need…

  • thin craft board (1/8″ birch is great)
  • paint – acrylic craft paint works great, this one was done with water colors and it bled a little
  • paint brush
  • wooden die or cube (you can cut your own our of a 1″ board)
  • wood burning tool (optional)

Cut your wood into a 5″x6″ rectangle.

You can either use a wood burning tool to write Finger Twister across the top or use paint – that way people can tell what in the world this crazy game is.

Next you need 4 columns of 4 circles each. Each column of circles is painted a different color…red, blue, green, yellow.

Let dry.

Now, take your wooden cube or die and paint two opposite sides black. Then paint each of the remaining four sides a different color…red, blue, green, yellow.

To play the game…

Each player will roll the die twice. The first roll, tells him what finger to use (red-pointer, blue-middle, green-ring, yellow-pinky, black-thumb) and the second roll tells him what color to put that finger on – if you roll a black on the second roll, just roll again until you get a different color.




Thanks for sharing with your friends!

Jessica @ The 104 Homestead

Monday 10th of March 2014

What a neat game. I am going to do this with the big kids tonight. I love free fun!