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enjoying the journey

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All the stars aligned perfectly on Friday morning and I was able to spend a significant amount of time in the garden. I’ve been a little down about my garden this year. We’ve not had much rain, we had a crazy freeze a month after our average last frost date and we seem to have pill bug infestation.

But actually getting to leisurely spend time in the garden instead of just running out there to do this one thing or another reassured me that things are not as bad as I thought.

Here’s what I saw…

Our repeater onions are flowering. They look so funny to me but the bees are loving them.

I have a total of 62 tomato plants. I counted. I have 8 empty spots because pill bugs ate the seedlings. I’ve sown some seeds and put wide mouth mason jars over them to create a mini greenhouse.

I planted nasturiums on some of the cages. I can’t wait until they flower.

Our potatoes are doing great. Carl and Benjamin surprised me one afternoon by putting wire around the bed so we can add leaves and hopefully get a larger harvest of pototoes.

Even with the pill bugs munching on the green bean seedlings, the freeze killing about 75% of them and Carl and Benjamin “helping” me by putting the wood chips in the bed instead of the walkway I still picked our first two beans on Friday.

Baby tomatoes growing.

Wildflowers in our backyard. An advantage of not mowing. The bees are enjoying the pollen. One day I want part of our backyard to look like this. Go ahead and click over, you’ll be glad you did.

One of our peach trees is finally budding. It’s late for us here so I don’t think I’ll be forced to choose to remove the first years fruit so that the tree can get better root growth.

Our blueberries are looking good. I need to water them more than I did last summer. Because I’m scared of overwatering I tend to underwater them.

This is our pomegrante tree. See that little red dot in the middle? That’s it’s first bloom ever. It has 4 blooms so far. Hopefully we’ll get a few this year.

More and more mulberries are ripening each day. Esther and Gabriel or Benjamin have a mulberry date daily to pick the black ones.

Our Cara Cara orange tree is full of blooms. I bought this from an elderly man who was selling them on the side of the road. You never really know what your getting when you do that  – time will tell if it really is a Cara Cara.

The Satusma orange tree has little oranges on it. Last year this tree didn’t produce at all so it’s nice to see it come back.

I found some ladybugs on the Cara Cara tree. (Ignore the black on my thumb, I had to spray paint an apron that morning.)

This is what I’m most excited about. One of the pineapple plants is producing a pineapple! I planted this one from a pineapple that I bought at the store in 2011. The other one I planted that year isn’t producing just yet but I check it regularly.
We (as in I) have decided to plant lots of pineapples near the peach and plum trees. So each time I get one from the store I’ll be planting the top in the ground. (millions of pots are just too expensive)
I know some of you are just getting started on your garden for this year and can’t believe that I’d be down about mine but usually by mid july it’s too hot here for anything to really produce. Maybe our crazy weather will continue and we will have a cooler than normal summer.
Are you gardening? Are you enjoying the journey?

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