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eggs surprise

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Look what we found in our nesting boxes the other day…green and white eggs. Our flock has Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orrpingtons, Barred Rocks, and 2 other breeds that we’ve yet to determine. We adopted a few hens from a neighbor before we moved and she wasn’t sure what these were. After some online search I’m thinking that of the 4 hens, 2 are Americanas and 2 are a Spanish Game hen. But I really have no idea, so maybe you guys who have had chickens for a while can help me out…

We have 2 of these and I *think* they are Americaunas. I *believe* they are the ones laying the greeen eggs. Their wattle isn’t very big and I’ve heard that they need to have a mature wattle before they start laying. And since we didn’t get any green eggs before they stopped laying for the winter I’m thinking these are the green egg girls.

See these girls with the big yellowish earlobs? I think these are the white egg layers. Their comb is huge and floppy and they have a large wattle so I think they matured faster than the other mystery hens. Also, we got one white egg before they stopped laying for the winter.

We call this lady “Abraham” in honor of Abraham Lincoln because…well… she has a beard. She is supposed to be a Buff Orrpington. We got her from the feed store at the same time we got our other Orrpintons. She’s whiter, with almost no wattle and has greeenish legs. She’s also very tame because the kids love her. I don’t think she is laying, she’s pretty low on the pecking order and is smaller than the other birds.

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