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The Wellness Notebook


Do you have “files” of random medical papers tucked away, “just in case”?

Do you get stumped when take your child to the doctor and suddenly can’t remember when the symptoms started – especially if you have several children sick at the same time?

Do you take notes while reading a health related book, only to not be able to find them when you need them?


Let The Wellness Notebook help get your family’s health information organized.

The Wellness Notebook is a printable notebook that has health forms and medical records for each member of your family. But, it’s not just for organizing what has already happened, it’s also for organizing all the things you are learning about your family’s heath. There is information for those who use conventional care and those who use alternative care. 

In The Wellness Notebook, you will find….

Family-Wellness-Notebook-Final-Flat-Cover 300X420

  • Health Forms
  • Vaccination Records Form
  • Dental and Vision Records Form
  • Surgical, Radiology and Hospitalization Forms
  • Illness Charts
  • Acute Illness Profiles
  • Chronic Illness Profiles
  • Vaccine Profiles
  • Herb Profiles
  • Essential Oil Profiles
  • Food Journal
  • Weight Loss Tracker


The purpose of The Wellness Notebook is give you confidence in your family’s health. Ultimately, we are each responsible for our own health and our children’s health. However, many people have given that responsibility to someone else – a medical doctor, an alternative practitioner or even a blogger or author – by blindly following what that person suggests without doing any research for themselves. But no one knows you and your family better than you do.

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YOU are your family’s health expert.

Let The Wellness Notebook help you get organized so you feel like you are your family’s health expert. 

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