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double digits…

That’s what I’ve been hearing about for weeks. The countdown has ended and the day has finally arrived, Phoebe is 10! There’s something about 10 that just seems so grown up, I think maybe it is the fact that 10 is the first double digit. Phoebe has been thinking about that she will never be a single digit again, for the rest of her life she will be double digits. I find this fact a little sad, yet she finds it exciting!

Since we have Bible study tonight, her official birthday dinner will be postponed until the weekend. “And what”, you ask, “is on the menu?” Deer steaks, of course. However, tonight we will have the world’s largest ice cream sundae with all the fixings. No cake… have I told you my kids don’t care much for cake?

Growing up with only brothers, until recenly, Phoebe has become quite an oxymoron. Her gifts this year include a gui (“gee” -karate type outfit for ju jitsu), a hula hoop, a bedazzler and … a paintball mask and gloves. She’s saving for a paintball gun and so asked for the mask and gloves so she’ll be ready to play when she gets the gun. She already has a bb gun and an air soft gun, paintball gun is all that is missing.

That’s our girl! She can outshoot most boys we know, she just likes to look good while she’s doing it!

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