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do the next thing…

This has become my mantra for the last week or so. In the next three weeks we have 2 drama performances which also means 4 extra practices and 3 more costumes to make. We have our co-op family night. We also have 2 eagle scout work days for Gabriel’s project and Christian’s graduation ceremony and party. Plus it’s dewberry season. oh, and laundry…I was informed this morning that some in my family will not have underclothes tomorrow????

So, as I’ve made my list and focus on breathing and doing the next thing without thinking about all the other equally important things that must be done or fun things that I want to do, I’ve come to the decision that I this space will be quite for the next three weeks. I’m making myself ignore it. I’ll be posting our garden harvest in the side bar since this is where I keep the record but other than that “nada”.

When I come back I’ll have some pictures…if I can find my camera… and I’ll have some fun gardening updates. I’m also going to do a sewing series similar to the Summer Sewing School that I did last summer.

Have a great few weeks!

Thanks for sharing with your friends!

Rachel E.

Sunday 22nd of April 2012

I look forward to seeing what you choose this summer. Maybe we will stick to it this year.