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creative avoidance

We are enjoying our last few days of summer. While most of our friends have already started school, we are not starting until next week. There is alot to do before next week… you see we’ve been a little preoccuppied with Esther this summer and have been playing most of the summer.
I had one more sewing project I wanted to do, a small basket to keep Esther’s toys in so that they are not all over the living room.

These guys spent most of that day building these amazing creations with Connects. I think their goal was to use every Connect, and that’s alot of Connects. They also built “cars” that can hang from a zip line and had car/zip line races down the hall. Carl and I were banned from our room for hours as our door held the top of the zip line. Christian spent most of the day (and most days) finishing up a novel he’s writing. More on that later.

This is what happens when they finally leave me alone!
The pink bag was originally Esther’s basket but it was too tall and too narrow to stand up properly, so we turned it into a bag for Phoebe to take to co-op. Then while the scrap bucket was open she came up with the blue combo for a bag to take to art class. That night I decided she needed a cute colored pencil roll to carry her colored pencils for co-op.

Then Benjamin said, “can you make me a bag for co-op, I don’t like my backpack for co-op”
Well, of course sweetie, I’d love to make just one more bag! … or two, or three, or…
And of course he needed a crayon roll for his crayons for co-op. Its amazing how much more fun old crayons and colored pencils are when carried in just the right carrier.

Finally, Esther’s bag is complete! It’s still not as big as I wanted, but it will do…for now.

And so, with my “one last project” completed, we can get busy getting ready for our new school year.

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Saturday 29th of August 2009

These are "sew" cute. I am so impressed with your creativity. What a blessing for your family!


Friday 28th of August 2009

Very cute projects! I finally finished Jace's blanket for his three month pictures and boy did I pick some hard fabrics for a beginner...a silk and fur...whew! I'm glad that's DONE!