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Court of Honor

Tonight was Christian, Josiah and Gabriel’s Court of Honor for Boy Scouts. A couple of times a year the boys are presented the awards that they have earned. The boys have really worked hard this past year.

Christian has already gotten his Life Scout rank and he received several merit badges. His next rank is Eagle Scout and all he needs is 2 more merit badges and a service project!

Josiah received his Life Scout rank tonight along with several merit badges. He is also now a patrol leader and a den chief for Benjamin’s den. He needs to serve in his leadership role for 6 months, earn 4 more merit badges and do a service project for his Eagle rank.

Gabriel just became a Boy Scout in February and this was his first Court of Honor. He received several merit badges, his Scout, Tenderfoot and Second Class Ranks. He is also about half way finished with his First Class Rank!

Scouts has been so great for us. It has given the boys an opportunity to be involved in something that they can be really proud of. And it has forced Mama to cut some of those apron strings!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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