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~ county fair ~

Our county has its Junior Livestock Show and County Fair in February. In years past (in another county) our three older boys raised rabbits one year and turkeys for two years. We didn’t have much success with them but it was fun. While the Livestock Show is definately the main event of the fair (although, the carnival is a close second), there is also the craft show. Almost every year some of my children enter items in the craft show (or family division). This year Gabriel, Phoebe and Benjamin entered handmade item. (Christian and Josiah are turning in to fuddy duddies!)

And here they are…

Gabriel made a beeswax candle with the beeswax he purified and he turned a salt shaker on the lathe. He recieved blue ribbons for both of them.
Phoebe made this dress for the Renaissance Faire this past fall. She used Simplicity Sewing Pattern 4940 and combined two of the styles. She won Reserve Grand Champion in her age division. (She also placed 3rd in the elementary group at the Renaissance Faire.)
Benjamin entered a necklace and earring set that he made for me for Christmas. And he received a blue ribbon for his work

It’s amazing to me to see how creative all of my children have become over the years. And even though, it means that I have pockets of messes here and there and a huge lathe on my front porch I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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