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corners of our home::the girls room

Phoebe worked in her room for hours the other day. There are definite cons to rooming with a two year old. Things like freshly folded clothes being thrown all over the floor, books being taken off the shelf and left here and there and, worst of the worst, little feet rubbing on you while you’re trying to go to sleep. But then there’s the hugs and kisses and having a real live “baby doll” to dress up and fix hair on that’s pretty cool. So it balances out.

Eventually I want to paint all the furniture the same color of white. And I need
to figure out how to fix the drawer pull on Esther’s dresser.

Phoebe uses a doilie and embroidery hoop to hang her earrings. 

My grandmother painted this picture and the vase of roses over the
dressers. I’m so happy that Phoebe wants them in her room.

The canopy got a little squished in the move, we need
to get a new hula hoop to round it back out.

Bookshelves full of “treasures”  when you’re the only granddaughters
on both sides of your family you wind up getting lots of figurines. We still
need to find a place for the porcelain dolls.

Phoebe loves mysteries. Some of these are from Carl’s childhood, most
are from Christian who has decided he’s outgrown The Hardy Boys.

I’m so thankful I keep the picture books from the older children. It’s so fun
hearing them read to Esther and tell her how much they liked a
certain book.

We still have some things we want to do in here like paint the walls, make a new duvet (Esther got nail polish on this one) and make some curtains. Phoebe really likes the draw cord on the drapes so I think I’ll try to make some kind of curtains that use the cord. But this room is pretty low on the list, in fact it isn’t even officially on this years list.

Any ideas for paint colors? Phoebe kind of wants lime green, pink and purple. We have a friend whose room is done like that and is beautiful. I just don’t know if it will be too crazy here. I prefer muted colors.

Thanks for sharing with your friends!


Monday 13th of February 2012

Kara: Thanks. Big sisters definitely need a lot of patience.


Sunday 12th of February 2012

I love it! And boy, do we know about sharing a room with a little sister, clothes scattered everywhere, etc. here too! ;-)


Friday 10th of February 2012

Patty: I did make the canopy. We found some embroidered chiffon on clearance at Hobby Lobby and bought all they had. Then cut it in half and sewed it onto some fabric tubes. We cut the hula hoop and then put it in the fabric tubes and then taped it back together and then hung it with ribbon. I think we're going to start with curtains and a duvet and then see what happens.

Rachel: Thanks. Since the furniture is white it looks kind of blah up against the white walls. But I think we'll start with curtains and a duvet. I like the stencil idea.

Rachel E.

Thursday 9th of February 2012

It's a great room already! It's so fun getting them all settled in and fixing things up. I am always so thrilled to see a bunch of books on a shelf. It's great she likes to read.

I think you should paint the walls a muted color and do some small things with the darker or brighter colors. Like flowers or butterflies...use a stencil. Fun stuff!


Wednesday 8th of February 2012

I love the canopy, did you make it?

When I was growing up Nancy Drew was my favorite book. My mom gave me book one for Christmas one year and I have been collecting them ever since!

The only color ideas I can think of would be to add it to the room in the way of the curtains or bed pillows. It’s a lot easier to change these items, when you tire of one color, than to re-paint a room.