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Christmas Traditions :: Lights

For years I wanted lights on the outside of our home for Christmas and for years Carl said, “When we own our house, I’ll put up lights.” You can imagine my excitement when we purchased our first house…five weeks before Christmas. Of course we couldn’t have them that year, it was just too crazy. Or the next year. Or the next year. Finally, after about 13 years of marriage we hung lights on our home. What took so long? Well, apparently I’ve given my husband an adversion to lights, because I want them straight (gasp!). I love lights, but I’m kinda picky about them. And he really just doesn’t want to deal with me when I get that way. It’s okay, I don’t really want to deal with me when I get that way. So, I’ve ruined my husband for lights. But my children…well, they’re a different story. The excitement of having lights on each night outweighs mom’s pickiness. Although I did notice that Christian and Josiah were not quite as excited as the younger ones, it’s terrible getting all grown up. But it’s okay, because they are big and obedient and that’s all I need to get the lights up!

Gabriel working diligently.

This is a view with all the children.

Josiah and Phoebe – she wore her ju jitsu outfit all day, because she was cold?

The Three Muskateers – It’s really is so nice having teenage boys!…and not just because they are big and obedient.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing more of our Christmas Traditions. Feel free to share yours in the comments.

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