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Christmas Dresses for the girls

We, as in Phoebe and I, decided that the girls needed matching Christmas dresses this year. Because of their age difference, we had a hard time finding matching patterns. So we used several different patterns and altered them… it’s good that I have a thing for NOT following instructions.

The rest of the photo shoot:

Here’s the low down: for Esther’s dress we used McCall’s 5791 view E. I adjusted the sleeves a bit and put an overskirt over the satin skirt. For Elizabeth’s dress (the doll) we used Simplicity 3547 (bodice is view G and skirt is view C). For Phoebe’s we used the bodice of McCall’s 6098 and I just added a skirt that was 3x the width of the bodice.

I see more matching dresses in our future!

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The Schneiders

Tuesday 25th of January 2011

Thanks, Shelly! They can't wait to wear them for Easter.


Saturday 22nd of January 2011

The dresses turned out sooooo cute! You have beautiful girls.