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chicken update

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One of the things that was on my summer to do list was finish painting the chicken house that we expanded.  We had to expand the coop after a surprise gift of chicks from my mom and her husband this spring.

I’m happy to report that it’s done. It looks nice doesn’t it? The hens think it great!

Here are some chicks that a friend gave us a while back. One of his hens hatched them and they spent a week with her. I have to say these are the smartest chicks we’ve ever had.

We now have quite the assortment of hens, Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, Buff Orpingtons, Australorps, and Americanas. oh, And one rooster, named Cogburn who keeps them all in line. Yes, he’s still around even if his did eat my pineapple.

I love the look of the Austrolorps, their iridescent feathers just shine in the sun. They do appear to be slower grower than our others were. They are just beginning to lay eggs and they’re 7 months old.

This is our new watering system. The pvc pipes are attached to 3 gallon bucket that we go for free from a local bakery. The little red things are called chicken nipples  (affiliate link) as the chickens peck at them they release water. We have found this to be so much better than the individual waters. We just could not keep them clean and there wasn’t a good way for us to hang them. We still have an individual waterer that we put on a short stool in the coop for night but this is so much better in the run.

Also, if you’ve never visited Fresh Eggs Daily, you should. Lisa has so much chicken information and some (non chicken) amazing recipes. I’ve been going through her Ultimate Chicken Care Guide, boy, is it jam packed with  reliable information. She also has a great facebook page. You know, anyone can throw up a page with cute chicken photos that they’ve taken from the internet and set themselves up as an expert – until someone start asking questions about those beautiful blue eggs in the photo and there’s no response or an incorrect response. Lisa’s not like that, she’s the real deal and if I have a chicken question she’s the one I’m going to. Go on over and say “hi”, you’ll be glad you did.

Do you have chickens? Feel free to leave a link to your chicken posts in the comments.

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