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chicken "family"…

We now have 3 different kinds of chickens, we have a mama and a daddy chicken, 17 “teenage” chickens and 12 new baby chickens. We gave our two small ones to a friend who doesn’t have a rooster. And lost a couple of the Red ones we bought. So we got 6 Orppingtons and 6 Barred Rocks. We thought you’d like to have a peek at the new little family…


Daddy and mama chicken with the “teenagers”

SSPX0152 Esther just loves the chickens or “hickens”,as she calls them.

first baby chicks

The babies, the black are Barred Rock and the yellow are Orppingtons.

We are learning a lot with this little experiment. Some by trial and error and some by reading great books likeThe Joy of Keeping Chickens and The 4H Guide to Raising Chickens. Phoebe and Bejamin are learning that the chickens come first, it doesn’t matter if you are tired, or hungry or even sick.

I hope that work ethic will stay with them always.

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