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can you say "full house"…

That is how our week has been. We’ve have anywhere from 2-4 extra children here most of the week. One being an 11 month old, not Esther, a different 11 month old!

We’ve been helping some friends with 2 of their children while they were at the hospital with their 5 year old that had his appendix taken out on Saturday night, Mom giving birth on Monday morning and Dad going to court to adopt the 11 month old baby on Tuesday morning. We had another friend help with hospital duty, since Dad and grandparents were split between 2 floors, so I had her 2 children also. Overall it was great fun at Camp Schneider. I started off Monday morning making pancakes and saying “If you feel like you need to do school, you need to just do it.” It was interesting who choose to work this week and who chose to play. Let’s just say Benjamin, he chose to play! The others are a little more forward thinking and they chose to work.

I’ve always thought it would be fun to have twins, as long as I could have them first, I think I’ve changed my mind after having two 11 month olds rotate in and out of my lap and arms for most of the week. By the way, everyone is back home now and doing well.

So today feels like a vacation! We have nothing on the calendar, so I’m hoping to do some haircuts (my guys are in serious need), clean house, do some laundry, play ~I mean, work~ in the garden and maybe, just maybe squeeze a little sewing in.

Oh, yea, tonight Christian is going to the homeschool Prom. We spent yesterday afternoon finding just the right solid colored tie and shirt to go with his suit. We had a lot of fun! He’s such a great kid!

Happy Saturday!

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Wednesday 14th of April 2010

I didn't know they had a prom for homeschoolers. That's so cool!