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Last Friday night a friend called and asked if we wanted to come over and help harvest “a little bit of honey.” Do we???? Of course we do!!

Gabriel has been entralled with bees forever and has wanted a hive for several years. Our friends have offered him bees, but until now we really didn’t have the space for them and we wanted to make sure that Gabriel understood that there was more to beekeeping than just the bees…there’s also the honey and wax. He got the book Backyard Beekeepers for his birthday and has really enjoyed it.

Checking the frames for honey

Gabriel and Benjamin with our friend in front of a hive. Benjamin was the only one to get stung…it was a badge of honor.

Uncapping the honey comb.

We had a great time and it looks like bees are in our future.
Gabriel and I made some lip balm that he is going to sell to help earn the money for his first hive. Hopefully, within the next few months, we will have bees!

Thanks for sharing with your friends!

The Schneiders

Tuesday 18th of January 2011

Thanks,Kimberly. We're learning alot...I'm trying really hard to be supportive without taking over. That's hard for me.


Tuesday 18th of January 2011

That is so cool and interesting. What a fun experience.