1. says

    I accidentally bumped “delete” when I was publishing your comment–oops! Thanks for visiting and definitely try out the baskets–they are pretty quick and so much fun. :)

    • Angi Schneider says

      She is a good shot. All my kids can shoot pretty good – not competition good, but good. We are soaking up the spring weather before the heat gets here. I’m so sorry about the visitor but your photos of him are beautiful.

  2. says

    Beautiful pics!
    The dilemma I was having over our next handicraft has been solved! Thanks for sharing the link to Kris’ blog post about basket making. Perfect solution!

  3. says

    Oh what a gorgeous evening – we’ve been having some lovely weather too and it’s been so nice to be outdoors late into the evening!

  4. says

    What fun and what wonderful memories. I’m glad you guys got to just relax and enjoy. Love that flock of birds and your chicken helper. You can tell they trust her. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

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