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Thank you!

Thank you so much for participating in our giveaways this past week; it was so much fun! I’m so thankful to you, our readers, for sharing just a bit of your time with us each day that we post.  It has made ne so happy to be able to host these giveaways just for you this week.

I’m also thankful to our wonderful sponsors.  I did not purchase any of these prizes, they were all generously donated. Please make sure and stop by their website or facebook page and thank them for sponsoring the giveaway – even if you are not one of the winners ;-).  Also, please keep them in mind when you are looking at purchasing a product that they sell.  Several sponsors have offered specials just for you, so be sure to continue reading.

4 Moringa Seedlings and 10 Moringa Seeds
Last spring Karen from Blue Yonder Urban Farms introduced me to Moringa Trees.  She sent me four seedlings and 10 seeds (exactly what this giveaway is for), I wrote a how to grow Moringa post and did a giveaway.  If you don’t know much about moringa you should read that post.  It is an amazing plant. Unfortunately, our neighbor’s rabbits ate my seedlings.  So, I ordered some pre-germingared seeds and planted them after we fenced in the garden.  They are doing great! With both my orders, I have been very impressed with the care that Karen takes in shipping her product.  The items are packed very well and I received them in just a couple of days after ordering.

Karen also sells her morninga trees on Amazon and right now you can get them for only $15.99 each! Which is over 50% off the regular price.
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Introduction Kit of doTerra  Essential Oils
Getting Started with Essential Oils is Simple!

Sign up to purchase your favorite oils at wholesale prices! It’s a low yearly fee that works like a Sam’s Club membership. For just $35 you can shop the whole doTERRA line at wholesale all year.

Want to waive that fee with your first order? Get an Enrollment Kit! The Family Physician Kit ($150 – ) and the Home Essentials Kit ($250 – ) are already a savings of over $30 each (because you’re buying so many oils at once, at wholesale) and when you buy one of these kits, the yearly fee is waived! This means you save over $60 on your first order, no matter which kit you buy! And to make it even better I am personally sending a 15ml bottle of Citrus Bliss to anyone who signs up in the month of September! Ready to get started? Email Erica at with doTERRA in the subject line!

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WonderMill Electric Grain Mill
I was honored that WonderMill sponsored this giveaway; it is truly a wonderful product.  This summer I participated in the Grain Mill Wagon Challege.  It was a wonderful experience. For the challenge I made zucchini muffins, whole wheat dinner rolls (in under an hour start to finish) and pumpkin pancakes.

Even though I’ve only used the mill for wheat, it can also be used for rice, barley, lentils, popcorn, beans – pretty much any dried grain or legume.  Nothing oily like flaxseed, though. I’m really excited to try the Lentil Flour Flat Bread recipe from Shannon of Growing Slower.

Now, WonderMill doesn’t sell directly to consumers, you have to buy from an authorized dealer. Lucky for you, I have friend who is an Authorized WonderMill dealer and has offered to give you special deal.  Now, Pantry Paratus already has the lowest prices that WonderMill allows on their products.  So, they have offered FREE SHIPPING on your entire order when your order the WonderMill electric grain mill or WonderMill Junior Deluxe.   You read that right, your entire order, not just the mill. 

To get the free shipping you have to order one of the mills (or more ;-) ) and whatever else you want and when you checkout, you need to first estimate the shipping with your zipcode, THEN use the discount code PEEPS (on the left of the order form) and choose the shipping option with $0.00.  Code is good through October 1st.
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Homespun Seasonal Living Fall Intensive ecourse
Homespun Season Living Fall Intensive is a gentle ecourse. Each of the four weeks has a theme that goes along with the fall season. You’ll get an email each day with encouragement to enjoy this season and an activity to do which will help make the season more meaningful.  I’m pretty excited that one of the days each week is all about REST.  See what I mean about this being a gentle ecourse?
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15 Non-GMO Seed Packets 
Once a month, every month, I get a little surprise in my mailbox – an envelope from Seeds of the Month Club. And inside that envelope are four non-gmo seed packets.  The surprise is that I don’t know what four I’m getting until I open the envelope. And that, my friends, is pretty fun.  I’ve gotten all kinds of seeds for things that we love like corn, chard, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli and cilantro. But I’ve also gotten seeds for things I never would have tried on my own, but now I will, thinks like corn salad, hyssop, anise and purple basil.  Do you now see why it’s fun?

So, Mike the Gardener who owns Seeds of the Month Club has offered one winner 15 non-gmo seed packets.  I have no clue what those 15 packets will be, but I do know this, they will be non-gmo and have a wonderful germination rate.  If you win, you HAVE to email me and let me know what seeds you got, ok? ;-)
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Handmade Soap Sample Set
Tina from Halfway Oak Farm makes such lovely products.  If you’ve never used a well made homemade soap, you are missing out! She uses quality ingredients like organic goat’s milk, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic rolled oats and honey.  In fact, looking at the ingredients list, I’m thinking it might actually be ok eat this soap…not that I would recommend that.  I’m sure you know that what we put on our skin is absorbed into our body.  It’s nice to have a soap that my whole family can use and I don’t need to worry about any chemicals they may be absorbing through their skin.

Tina has offered a 15% discount on any size order and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25 from her Etsy shop, Halfway Oak Farm.  Just use discount code HBN15 at checkout. Code is good through November 1st. 
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New Mom and Baby Gift Set
I’m a firm believer that new moms need lots of pampering and so do babies. There are just some places that you do not want chemicals, which is why I love this line of mom and baby products from Holly of Fiddlebumps. Holly makes her products without petroleum, mineral oil or talc which are often found in baby products. I’m so happy that Holly has generously offered this set for new moms!
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I’m sure you’ve noticed the countdown clock below. Because the Ultimate Healthy Living site was down for several hours yesterday, they have extended the sale until noon today, EST.

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