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Earlier this week I said I’d be doing a craft for today’s post.  I had every intention of making some of the beauty products from The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.  But it didn’t happen.  I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with all that goes on here.  You know, things like high school chemistry and speech writing, graduation meetings, Nutcracker practices (four days a week) and costumes, drama practices and costumes, laundry, meals and I still haven’t planted my garlic or onions.  Oh, and have I mentioned that Christian is getting married in 8 weeks?

Just the every day normal stuff that makes up this journey we call life.

But sometimes it feels overwhelming.  And that’s where I am today.

So, I take a breath and do the next thing.

This post is “the next thing”.  By the time you read this, we’ll be at the Texas Renaissance Festival for a field trip.  Who cares that it’s supposed to rain and most of our friends are bailing on us?  We’re still leaving at 6am.  And I can read the chemistry book in the car.

I chose this bookshelf to share because I tend to highlight the cookbooks, gardening and diy books.  But I´m
thinking that some of these are the ones I should be focusing on in my life right now.
So, let’s talk about the overwhelming-ness of this crazy ebook bundle.  Because, really, who ever gets 86 books at one time and doesn’t feel overwhelmed.  Well, maybe if you frequent library book sales you have a system for such monstrosities. But most normal people don’t.

Here’s how I’m tackling the overwhelming-ness.

1.  I put downloaded all the ebooks in the zip file onto a flash drive that I bought for my ebook library.  I don´t have an e-reader and I didn’t want to be stuck only using my desktop.  This way I can read them while relaxing on the couch with my son’s laptop. {update: I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and I’m so very glad to have an ereader for ebooks, it makes all the difference in the world.}

2. I plan on gifting some of these to friends.  I already have a couple of these titles so, after I downloaded the zip file and realized that I had a duplicate, I emailed the ebook to a friend and deleted the copy from my flash drive.  Now I only have one copy, not two.  There are also a couple of titles that don’t interest me.  I´m not even going to bother reading them because I already know they’re not for me.  Those will be given to a friend.   Here’s the thing about ebooks – and I’m a copyright fanatic – there’s a difference between “sharing” and “giving”.  Sharing an ebook means I send a copy to someone and I keep a copy for me.  That would be wrong – please don’t do that.  But giving is when I send an ebook to my friend and then I delete it from my computer – or flash drive.  That’s perfectly fine to do.

3.  I’ve skimmed the books that interest me most and made a list of ones I want to dig deeper into – like the ones in the photo above.  I’ll be perusing those in the coming months.

4.  I spent about 30 minutes looking at each of the bonus sites and deciding if the bonus was something I want to do.  They’re not all something I’m interested in and I don’t have to feel bad about not participating in all of them.  I’ve made intentional decisions, unlike in the spring when I bought the homemaking bundle and was so overwhelmed I never even looked at the bonuses.  I do feel bad about that.

5.  I’ve checked out the optional add on for the Premium membership to GNOWFGLINS.  This is something I’ve kind of wanted to do but had not really investigated because I knew it was not in our budget. But with it being an add on for $87, I felt like I needed to investigate it more.  $87 is a lot of money and I didn’t want to just add it on because I could, I wanted to make sure it was something I really want to do.  No sale is a good sale if you don´t use the product.  I did decide to get it and have created a special email folder just for this information.  I can’t really dig in right now, but soon I will be able to.

6. As I was reading the list of ebooks, I thought about a couple of people on my Christmas list that would enjoy an entire healthy living library.  Since there’s a buy two get one add-on which means I can get 3 bundles for the price of 2, Carl and I have been discussing if this, is in fact, what we want to give these people.  If we decide to do that, we’ll put the bundle on a flash drive and give that to them or there’s the option to just have the bundle emailed to them. (This would also be helpful if you had a couple of friends that also wanted to buy the bundle and you could go in together and get 3 bundles for the price of 2).

I think that’s it, my step by step for dealing with this huge bundle.  Now, if only someone could hem those 8 pair of Chinese costume pants for me.

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