Hope – Thriving While Unemployed

HOPE – we all can use some. But when you go through long term unemployment or underemployment you need a special kind of hope. You need the kind of hope that comes from doing not from wishing.

We know, because we’ve walked this journey – a few times.

We’ve taken the things we learned from a 4 year season of unemployment and put them in Hope – Thriving While Unemployed.

SchneiderPeeps - Hope: Thriving While Unemployed

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What can you expect from Hope – Thriving While Unemployed?

  • How to thrive even if you don’t have any savings or severance pay
  • How to take inventory of the important areas of your life and make them work for you
  • What to share with your children and when
  • Creating your own dream job
  • What to do the first week
  • How to handle irregular income
  • How to save on the most important budget areas
  • How to keep the blues away
  • What to do when unemployment ends
  • Printables to help you get organized

Unemployment is hard, there is no doubt about that, but it doesn’t have to be heartbreaking.

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 What others are saying about Hope – Thriving While Unemployed…

“I feel this book is an incredible resource for every family, not just those that are struggling financially because their tips, suggestions and experience offer something for everyone.”  Tammy from Trayer Wilderness

“…this book will help you put together a plan to organize your finances, make money, create a spending plan, and keep your attitude positive during your time of unemployment. It will promote creative thinking leading to ideas to not just survive while unemployed, but to thrive.” Rachel from Grow a Good Life.

:Even if you are not unemployed at this time, maybe you are under employed and would benefit from creating a second, or third stream of income…I think it will help many to survive, or even thrive while unemployed.” Karen from Blue Yonder Urban Farms

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We have a great resource page to help you thrive while unemployed!

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