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Note: Once a week I share a popular post from the archives. This post was originally published in January 2013.

SchneiderPeeps - How to quickly peel a qrapefruitAlthough we have quite a few citrus trees all but one lemon tree are very young and did not produce this year.  Thank goodness we have friends who have the most amazing grapefruit and lots of it.

I’ve been peeling the grapefruit and just keeping it in a bowl in the refrigerator for whoever wants it.  I thought I’d share how I do that quickly…

SchneiderPeeps - How to quickly peel a qrapefruitCut both ends off with a really sharp knife…
SchneiderPeeps - How to quickly peel a qrapefruit Then slice the rind off of the sides…
SchneiderPeeps - How to quickly peel a qrapefruitNow you have a peeled grapefruit (I don’t worry about the waste, usually someone comes along and cleans the rinds off for me or we just give them to the chickens)…
SchneiderPeeps - How to quickly peel a qrapefruitOpen the grapefruit up and begin taking the pulp out of the casings.  You might need to use the knife to loosen the casing at times.
SchneiderPeeps - How to quickly peel a qrapefruitThere you have it, a super simple way to peel and segment grapefruit. 

SchneiderPeeps - How to Peel and Segment a  grapefruit These make a delicious addition to salads or salsas.  They also make a great snack. To get your hands on the fruit without the peel or segment walls, follow these steps.What fruits are you enjoying right now?


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      I know, even here I think it’s expensive. And yet as you drive around you see all kinds of citrus trees with fruit that is just dropping because no one is eating it. The usual excuse is that there’s too many seeds…crazy.

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      Ha! I actually have a grapefruit spoon. I used to use the grapefruit knife from Pampered Chef. I have four of the! I prefer the spoon. It’s funny, I am craving a grapefruit again. Yummy!

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    We love grapefruit! Just the other day I found 18-pound bags of grapefruit at Wal-Mart for $2.96 per bag! This was the first time I have ever found grapefruit this cheap. We have been feasting on them each day; my favorite way to eat them is to peel like an orange, tear back the inside skin and eat the pulp. Yum!

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      That is an amazing price! Our friend who grows the grapefruit said that she had grapefruit in refrigerator all the way until June last year. She said the peel dried out but the inside was fine. So you might want to stock up.

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    OH MY YUMNESS! That looks like the world’s best grapefruit! Grapefruit is so delicious! Peeling it and keeping sections in the fridge is a great idea!

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