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farm to table

Farm to Table Through the Year  is a free ebook for those who subscribe to SchneiderPeeps.

This is a collaboration of 12 different authors to take you through a journey of eating fresh food through the year.  I’m honored to be one of the authors.

Farm to Table’s goal is to encourage you to to try different things including growing veggies that you may not have even heard of, like ground cherries, or raising hens or canning your harvest or produce from the farmer’s market.  There’s encouragement to start where you are and do what makes sense for your family.

One thing that you won’t find in Farm to Table is condemnation.  I really love that.  Even though all of the contributors are passionate about what they are each doing, nowhere in the book does the message come across that you or everyone should be doing exactly the same thing.  So if you’ve struggled with feeling like “all natural” eating needs to be all or nothing, I hope this book will help you just begin the journey.

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