Ebook Bundles

Ebook bundles are are the rage right now and for very good reasons, you can get quality books for a fraction of the retail price. It seems like every week I get an email (or two or three) about a large ebook bundle that is going on.  Now, I don’t have the time or energy to evaluate all of these bundles, so I rarely share them with my readers.  At this point I only share Bundle of the Week bundles when I think that you will interested in the ebooks for that week and The Ultimate Bundles which happen a couple of times a year.

SchneiderPeeps: Do ebook bundles  overwhelm you?

Ebook bundles can be overwhelming – in fact, when I first started hearing about ebook bundles, I had no idea what in the world I would do with all those ebooks.  How I could ever read  them all? How could I store them so I could find the one I wanted when I wanted it?  So, I did nothing.

Then later I’d see an ebook that I had been wanting and finally decide to get it – only to find out that I could have gotten it in a bundle earlier, if I hadn’t been so overwhelmed when I first saw the bundle.

So, I’m going to show you how I evaluate an ebook bundle to decide if I should purchase it or not.  And what I do after the purchase.

1.  I see if there are any ebooks in the bundle that are on my wish list.  There are always ebooks I’ve been wanting to read but don’t really want to shell out the money to buy them. So, if there are ebooks on my wish list in the bundle and their retail value is higher than the cost of the bundle, then I will get the bundle.

2. I look at the bonus items (if there are any) and see if there are any that I already use or have been interested in using. If there are a couple of bonuses that I can get for free that I would normally buy, then I will most likely buy the bundle.  For instance, Trilight Herbs has been a bonus sponsor of Ultimate Bundles several times.  I normally order from Trilight so if I can get a credit for Trilight by ordering the bundle, it lowers the cost of the bundle even more for me.

3. I check to see if they have any discounts for multiple purchases.  Some bundles will have buy2 get 3 specials.  If that’s the case, I try to find a couple of friends who would also like the bundle and see if they want to purchase together.

If I decide that a bundle isn’t for me based on these first three items, I skip down to number 9.  If I decide that a bundle is for me, the steps below are how I magange the large bundle without getting overwhelmed. 

4.  I download all the ebooks/ecourses onto my computer in a file with that bundle’s names.  Then I can transfer (not copy) ebooks to my kindle as I want to read them.  You can also put all the ebooks on a flash drive to hold and organize your ebook library.  This is what I did before I had a Kindle so I could read them on my son’s laptop.

5.  I skim the book titles and transfer (not copy) the ones that interest me most to my Kindle.  If you don’t have an ereader you could have a file on your computer titled “Important Ebooks”.  Then I put ones that I want to read but they’re not as important in file titled “Ebooks to Read” .  I also have a main “Ebooks Library” folder which has subfolders such as “recipes’ ,”gardening”, “herbs”, “homesteading”, “homeschooling”, etc.  When I remove an ebook from my Kindle, I put it in the Ebooks Library in the appropriate subfolder.

6. Whatever is left, I put in a  file titled “Ebooks to Give Away”.   I usually already have a couple of the titles in a bundle, so after I download the zip file and realize that I have a duplicate, I email the ebook to a friend who I think will enjoy it and deleted the copy from my computer.  Now I only have one copy, not two.  There are always a couple of titles that don’t interest me.  I don’t even  bother reading them because I already know they’re not for me.  I email those to a friend (or my sister or daughter in law).   Here’s the thing about ebooks – and I’m a copyright fanatic – there’s a difference between “sharing” and “giving”.  Sharing an ebook means I send a copy to someone and I keep a copy for me.  That is wrong – please don’t do that.  But giving is when I send an ebook to my friend and then I delete it from my computer – or flash drive.  That is perfectly fine to do.

7.  If the bundle has bonuses, I spent about 30 minutes looking at the bonus sites and deciding if the bonus is something I want to do.  I redeem the bonuses I’m going to redeem right then and there.  I do not wait.  There are always some that I’m not interested in and I don’t have to feel bad about not participating in them.  I’m making intentional decisions (unlike the first bundle I bought and was so overwhelmed that I never even looked at the bonuses- I do feel bad about that.)

8.  I decide on any optional add-ons.  Sometimes bundles will have add-on ecourses that can be purchased at a steep discount after you purchase the bundle.  Sometimes these are things I’m already interested in and it’s a good buy, sometimes it’s something that I’m not interested in, so it wouldn’t be a good buy. No sale is a good sale if you don’t use the product.  

9. I decide if there are people in my life, who could use an entire bundle as a gift.  Sometimes bundles have a buy one get one add-on which means I can get 3 bundles for the price of 2.  Sometimes as I’m reading through the titles I think of several people who I would normally purchase gifts for and decide that this bundle will be a good gift.

10. But what about all those recipes?  It’s overwhelming to have 500 recipe books in one subfolder, so I go ahead and divide the recipe subfolder into even more subfolders, “desserts”, “paleo”, “allergy free’, “snacks”, “homestyle”, “breakfasts”, whatever works.  The first time I make a recipe, I just read it off my ereader or computer to make it.  If it stinks, I never make it again.  If it rocks, I print it up, hole punch it and put it in my recipe binder (you have a recipe binder, right?).  I write the ebook title on the paper.  That way, when I’m looking for another awesome recipe I know what recipe books to look in first. ;-)

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