Blogging Resources

Blogging and writing can be a great way for a person to earn an income or develop new skills. However, like any en-devour you will get out of it what you put into it. I’ve been blogging for fun since 2009 and for fun and income since 2012.

During that time, I’ve come across some great resources that have helped me on my journey and they are listed on this page to help you. Many of these resources are linked with our affiliate link. You can learn more on our disclosure page.

Blogging Platform

I use and recommend for a blogging platform. and are free platforms but are not as versatile as If you never plan on monetizing your blog or writing an ebook the free platforms are fine but you are not allowed to monetize a blog and you cannot host ebooks on a blog. If just can’t swing having a self hosted site, I would suggest starting on so you can monetize and when you are ready moving to a site.


You need a framework to build your WordPress blog on and I suggest Genesis. They have some great templates and you can customize them. You can also switch between templates without issues.




You will also need hosting. I use and love Typpr. I’ve never had a problem with my site since using them. I consider this my one HAVE to have expense for my blog.



Blogging Courses and Books


Elite Blog Academy is an amazing blogging course. It’s only offered once or twice a year so make sure to get on their mailing list. This course is not cheap but it’s worth it, IF you are going to actually do the assignments. 





How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul is the book that Elite Blog Academy is based on. It is a must read for bloggers who are serious about making money and having a clear conscience. 



Ebook and Ecourse Writing

300x250-fite If you are considering writing an ebook (or even an ecourse) I would highly recommend taking the From Idea To Ebook ecourse. This is an inexpensive course that will walk you through the process.



There are many ways you can sell your ebooks and courses online….and I’ve tried several of them. But I love WP eStore and it’s sister product WP Affiliate – mainly because they have videos that even the most non-technical person (me) can follow. They also have a great support team.  You have to have a blog to use this. 


Network Marketing


Linqia is a great company that matches companies with bloggers (or storytellers) to promote that company’s products. They are super easy to work with. 



Magazine Writing

I know magazine writing is different from blogging but many bloggers aspire to write for magazines so I’m including those resources too. 

break-in-logoBreak Into Magazine Writing ecourse is a a five week course on magazine writing. If you aspire to write for magazine but have no idea how to go about getting published, this course is for you. It’s only offered a couple of times a year. 



The Writer’s Market is a huge book that lists contact information and criteria for book and magazine publishers. It’s a wonderful resource. 



Social Media Help

It is almost impossible to have a thriving blog without at least some social media presence. These tools help keep it from being so overwhelming. Pinterest is the largest traffic referrer so that’s is where I focus my time – and money. 

logoViral Tag is a Pinterest scheduling tool.  They have several plans available, one specifically for small  bloggers and with some of their larger plans they allow multiple people to use one account – at least they did when I started using them and asked about it. 


Board Booster is another Pinterest scheduling tool. I’m currently experimenting with it as I’ve heard really good things from my friends about it. 



Blogging is very visual and photos are a must. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. In 2014 I bought a used Cannon Rebel for under $200 on ebay. Later I added a 50mm lens to it and that is the lens I normally use.  But before that I just used a point and shoot camera (you could use your smart phone if you have one) and these tools to help have better photos. 

PicMonkey is wonderful for editing photos and it’s free. There is a paid “Royal” account which gives you access to more stuff and no ads. It’s only $33 a year. You CANNOT share an account with someone else. 

Untitled design (31)


Canva is another free photo editing tool. I like to use Canva mainly for printables, headers and buttons -not basic photo editing. 



Pinch of Yum’s Tasty Food Photography will take your photos from bland to delicious. I learned so much from this ebook and not just about photographing food.  Many of the tips can be used in other areas of photography. 



Craftsy also has free Photography Classes. Right now they have one on family portraits. Even if that is not the area that normally photograph I’ll take the free course and I always learn something I can apply to my blog.